Black Eagle Films was started as a production vehicle to aid the creation of diverse ambitions in media by Clement Ofoedu.

“The Attachment” is Black Eagles Films first production and is a feature film based on a screen play he wrote. The movie can be viewed on Amazon Prime.



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The Attachment – Status – Completed – Now On Amazon Prime!

An innocent girls world is upturned when an ancient evil begins to stalk her family. An attempt by a religious sect to rid the evil, ends in tragedy. A result that will have far reaching consequences not only to her, but for other lives.

The Attachment is a British supernatural film from Black Eagle Films, directed by Clement Ofoedu, which recently won Best Horror at The DEFF in Greenville, NC.
“An innocent girl’s world is upturned when an ancient evil stalks her family. An attempt by a religious sect to rid the evil, ends in catastrophe, having far reaching consequences for her and for the lives of others.” From first-time screenwriter and independent filmmaker, comes an engaging supernatural tale for those who love an intelligent spooky mystery. The Attachment, written in 2013, is a story which draws the audience into a mystery that intertwines five lives across 30 years.
Initially focusing on the life of two characters and their fate, the story begins in the fall of 1989, within the leafy suburbs of London, United Kingdom.

A young girl Abigail Morozov becomes the focus of paranormal entities which she calls “night people.” These entities continue their intrusions, causing her great distress. The film picks up the story, as Abigail’s parents in desperation, call on the aid of a peculiar religious sect known as the “Keppers De Masura” to help rid Abigail of the intrusions. Things end horribly of course, and an orphaned Abigail is left to deal with the ramifications of that fateful decision. At its core, the attachment presents a theme of fear, tragedy, guilt, love and redemption, wrapped within a religious framework. Indeed, as the story progresses, we find that chance and decisions made unwittingly play a part in the direction of events. The Attachment Trailer. The Attachment is a film aimed at an intelligent audience who love an old-fashioned yarn, told in an old-fashioned way. The film is void of the commonplace gore, sex, and arguably an overuse of profanity prevalent in many films within this genre. When asked why this approach was taken, the director Clement Ofoedu commented.
“As a screenwriter and director, I believe we all have a responsibility when we create our art. Art in the film reflects life in some manner, and life mirrors art. As a creator of the art we have a choice to either temper those aspects that cause offence, or submit to a jaded perspective, and propagate such negativity. I feel much of the grotesque elements in today’s films are unnecessary. These things are put in place for shock value or commercial objectives. Like an arms race, film-makers are clambering over each other to make the next greater, more shocking, provocative production. Looking back at the movies I fondly remember, made by great film-makers, I found very little of those elements within them. Due to a well-crafted story, such things were not necessary. Imagination, and story telling ability of the film-makers is key. I feel that the same could be achieved today. For instance, the film “The Omen”, had very little blood, sex, profanity in it, yet it stands the test of time as a superb film in its class.” The Attachment star Leah Cooper, Duncan Malcolm, Tony Honickberg, Michelle Coverley, Carl Leroy, Camelia Borg, Natalie Layla, Ben Ofoedu and Shane Lynch.



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